Nature can play a key role in your health and happiness, increasing a positive mind set while restoring from stress[1]. We can’t get enough of it.

Having just returned from our ‘Into the Wild’ adventure of camping in Bon Echo, we wanted more. We decided to head to the Bruce Trail for more outdoors adventures. The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest marked trail with 1,290kms of trails through Ontario from Niagara to Tobermory.

We have family members living at two different points along the Bruce trail and decided to walk from one to the other. As we left the map reading to last, we discovered only the night before our departure that we had over 70kms of walking in front of us.

We set off in the dark at 6:30am with headlamps on. We knew this was the only way we’d make it before the sun set at 6pm. Though we had headlamps and a sliver of a moon when we set off, a muddy trail and hidden branches made the start a little rough. That all changed quickly with a beautiful sunrise at 7:30am – we started to wake up along the trail. As we rounded a corner we awoke a large flock of birds who took flight from the lake they were on just meters away from us – the wildlife was waking up with us.

We did this trip in late fall, a beautiful time to be in this part of Canada as you can see hills and valleys of red, orange and yellow on the trees. While the trails are well marked (which we were thankful about given the distance we had to cover) we were on our own in the woods. We saw only three people all day and plenty of lakes, hills and wildlife.

A little to our surprise, the day was incredibly smooth – we kept good pace and our energy levels were high all day. As you may have guessed, we packed plenty good food which takes much of the credit for our good pace and high spirits. We packed pumpkin pie with coconut cream, fresh polenta, dehydrated pineapple, kale chips, sardines, red pepper, carrots and cucumber – we ate every last bite. Almost before we knew it, and just as the sun was about to set, we walked onto the porch of our family’s house, took off our soaking wet shoes and enjoyed a well-deserved home-cooked feast.

We’d highly recommend a visit! There are plenty of hotels and campsites along the way and you can jump onto the trail anywhere along the route. We’ll certainly be back to explore more of the 1220kms of trail we’ve not yet covered.


[1] Aspinall P, The urban brain: analysing outdoor physical activity with mobile EEG, 2013.