This indulgent, yet healthy mousse is a real treat. It is also incredibly rich and creamy. Who would have thought it is possible to make such a treat with two ingredients only? Coconut and raw cacao never seem to disappoint! A must try, especially for those that are lactose intolerant.

Not containing anything else other than just those two super food ingredients, this dairy and sugar free mousse is highly recommend for breakfast or as dessert – just add some raw cacao nibs, some berries or nuts and you are good to go!

Would you like to know why coconut and raw cacao are such super ingredients? As we love both ingredients so much, we have dedicated separate post to each which you can read by clicking on the highlighted words.

This recipe will take about 5 minutes to prepare making mousse for two. A kitchen machine (electric mixer or blender) is also needed.


  • One can of coconut milk (preferably refrigerated overnight)
  • One table spoon of raw cacao powder


  1. Take the refrigerated can of coconut milk out of the fridge, open it and empty all contents to the kitchen machine of choice.
  2. Add the table spoon or raw cacao powder
  3. Mix or blend until the mousse has an airy texture which could take anything from one to five minutes
  4. Add the mousse to two bowls or glasses and dress with your preferred topping

If you prefer a thicker mousse texture, leave the mousse in the fridge for a couple of hours as this will thicken it up.