This courgette spaghetti is a fantastic alternative to traditional spaghetti and is surprisingly easy to prepare.

Courgette, a type of squash, has a tender texture and a slightly sweet flavour making it great alternative to pasta.

The combination of the vegetables with the pesto makes it a rich nutritious meal.

This recipe will take about 30 minutes to prepare, and will make dinner for two.


  • Four courgettes
  • 300 grams of mushrooms
  • Two onions
  • Four garlic cloves
  • One table spoon of coconut oil


  1. Chop the onion and garlic up into small pieces and sauté these in the coconut oil for about 15 minutes or until caramelized
  2. In the meantime, slice the mushrooms and cut the courgettes into small sticks like spaghetti
  3. Add the mushrooms to the onion and garlic mixture and sauté for another 5 minutes before adding the courgette
  4. Cover the vegetable mixture with a lid to let it steam for roughly 3 minutes or until the courgette is al dente
  5. Divide the pasta over two plates and add some pesto – voila!

Our home-made pesto recipe goes very well with this spaghetti recipe and can be found here.

This pasta also goes well with any kind of fish on the side if you like some extra protein.