Full-fat foods are better for you because they keep you energized for longer, allow the body to absorb nutrients and taste better. Low-fat foods, on the other hand, provide very little energy, don’t allow the body to absorb most nutrients and lack flavor.

Do you order skinny lattes? We still get strange looks when ordering full-fat coffees but things are slowly changing. Nutritionists and health gurus like Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Coffee are slowly but surely getting the message out there: many fats are good for you.

Bulletproof Coffee, made with high quality coffee beans, butter and MCT oil, is gaining traction for the right reasons. Aside from its amazing taste, the coffee makes you feel energized, focused and full for hours. For all these reasons, our ancestors loved fat: it tastes good and provides plenty of energy that lasts. Low-fat foods won’t satisfy you the same way and will leave you hungry which as a result will encourage you to keep eating.

When we say low-fat foods we don’t mean vegetables or fruits, which are naturally low in fat. Instead we are talking about those foods that contain fats in their natural state but have been processed to remove that natural fat.

Low-fat foods leave you hungry and nutrient deficient. By removing the fat most flavor is removed also, hence, many manufacturers of low-fat foods add chemical flours, like aspartame, to these foods to regain flavor. Instead of a natural tasty product you are left with a chemical product that doesn’t do a lot of you in terms of nutritional profile.

Many vitamins and minerals in food are fat-soluble meaning the body cannot absorb vitamins and minerals unless there is fat present. When eating yogurt without fat, you will only absorb a small percentage of the vitamins and minerals present in yogurt such as vitamin A, D, E and K.

We have all been told that dairy is a great source of calcium, however, what we don’t often hear is that vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium. As fat is needed to absorb vitamin D efficiently, we will absorb very little calcium when we consume low-fat dairy.

So, if you don’t already, choose full-fat over low-fat and select high quality, preferably organic to receive the full benefits of consuming your food.

The natural form of foods is more filling, more nutritious and way tastier.