As much as we loved our cold water ocean swim adventures, being back in London means that the ocean swims have to be replaced by lake swims. Luckily, we live near the Serpentine, a recreational lake in Hyde Park. The water temperature of the Serpentine has gone up quite a bit with the recent nice weather in London and cold water training is therefore no longer an option.

As a member of the Serpentine swimming club, we have access to the lake on a daily basis from 6am to 9.30am which means that a pre-work swim is very feasible for both of us.

With the need to transition in and out of the water quickly, we will be racing ÖTILLÖ with our wetsuits on. There are 38 ins and outs and harsh cut-off times.  We figured that running around in our wetsuits during training would be good practise.

London is a pretty open-minded city style-wise, and usually anything goes. Surprisingly, the wetsuit and running shoes look has not yet caught on here and us running around in busy London with our wetsuits on provoked many interesting looks. These looks were nothing compared to the looks we got when entering the water with running shoes on!

Running in a wetsuit means you get very hot which is not necessarily very comfortable. However, this feeling of discomfort is nothing compared to swimming with shoes on, it feels like there are two lead weights attached to your feet.

Our new routine of running to the Serpentine, swimming a couple of laps in the lake, running around the park, swimming some more laps and running back home is now the norm.

Even though not yet fully comfortable in our new kit, we thoroughly enjoy our new training routine!

Being able to spend time in a lake, in the middle of London, before work, is a real luxury we like to indulge in.