This smoothie contains a great combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates and will increase your stamina.

We love beets at Your Fit World as they not only look great because of their beautiful purple colour (we love eating all colours of the rainbow on a daily basis) but also because they contain nitrates which allow for increased blood flow and subsequently deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles, improving stamina by lowering exercise oxygen requirements – hence a great athlete food!

Brazil nuts are a great source of the important mineral selenium, which contributes to healthy thyroid function while chia seeds and coconut oil and water have endless great properties that we have described in previous posts.

Adding foods containing fatty acids to a smoothie increases the absorption rate of its vitamin content, hence we like to add nuts, seeds and coconut to our smoothies!

This smoothie is easy to prepare, only taking 5 minutes of your time. This recipe makes two.


  • 250 grams of cooked beetroot
  • A handful of Brazil nuts
  • One table spoon of coconut oil
  • Two table spoons of chia seeds
  • 400ml of coconut water


  1. Cut the beetroot into pieces
  2. Add all ingredients to the blender
  3. Blend on medium speed for 20 seconds
  4. Poor your stamina smoothie into two glasses

Tip: add some chia seeds to garnish your smoothie – not only because it looks good but because it gives the smoothie a nice crunch.