Taking a break, getting away from it all, is very healthy for mind and body. Even though most of us know this, actually taking a break is not something we do often enough. With the festive period around the corner, a good opportunity to take a break, we aim to inspire taking time off by publishing an interview we had with Dana Liv, founder of SensaVida, who organizes alternative holidays with a high emphasis on nature, activity and organic foods. She address some of the main concepts as to why taking a break is so important.

Why is taking a break, getting away from it all, important?

“Life should be vibrant and dynamic to help people grow and stay inspired and energized. With current modes of life people barely have time to live consciously, pay attention to their physical or mental state nor to their life directions and its relevance. Once we put ourselves into a different environment, without routine, rush and stress, we have a chance to review our state of body and soul. Not only is this important for a healthy nervous system, but also to add excitement and drive to lives, allowing a flow of fresh energy. One can get inspired from different locations and surroundings as well as learn something new about yourself and everything and everyone around. People are like cars in that sense: we need to stop and refuel from time to time!”

How do selected activities play a key role?

“Activities could be of various nature – some physical, some cultural and some mixed. We recommend activities such as surfing, power walking, dance, workshops with local craftsmen in rural communities, hiking and organic farming (getting involved in farming practices, fruit picking and wine-making). We believe that these activities provide inspiration, relaxation and knowledge.”

Long infrequent versus short and frequent travels?

“This is a tricky one! It all depends. It usually takes a few days for people to wind down and it would be a shame to then go home. A week is a good starting point if you want to refuel fully as seven days  is a good amount of time to sink into new conditions, let go of stress, get to know local culture and mode of living, enjoy and digest new thoughts, feelings, ideas. A very long break on the other hand, let’ say a four week break, can have a stress effect upon return, when back to “reality”. It is quite common to see a post-holiday depression. Having breaks of roughly a week is optimal as this should also allow you to take a break more often (if you live in Europe at least).”

How do you overcome barriers to travel?

“People often quote lack of time to identify the perfect holiday and cost as barriers to travel. This is where finding a travel organizer who understands your needs is important. At SensaVida we tailor travel requirements to individual needs and arrange everything within a specific budget.”

How important is the travel destination?

“The destination is very important! Selecting a destination which is conducive to refueling is key. Being surrounded by nature is something we always recommend considering the healing powers of nature. We like Portugal and South Africa, for example: both offering plenty of picturesque nature, interesting cuisine, physical activities and a wide range of surroundings for all tastes and needs.”

Anything else to inspire taking a break?

“Travelling is an incredible experience everyone should indulge in. Travel will broaden horizons while refueling the body and mind. Travel allows you to learn new cultures, activities, meet new people, de-stress and have fun.”