We were back on the beautiful beach of Capidimonte. This time to cross Lake Bolsena without a wetsuit.

During our previous crossing, back in April, we experienced water temperatures of above 10 and below 11C. Using a wetsuit is not considered, by many, to be within the true spirit of open water swimming. Despite the cold training we had done, we knew that swimming 14km in those temperatures required us to use a wetsuit.

It was a nice and warm morning. The lake looked calm. We were excited about our non-wetsuit attempt.

The shore on the Bolsena side seemed to get closer when I looked up about two hours and a half in. We had made good progress and we felt great. Sam picked the pace up while I jumped on his toes to enjoy his slip stream for an “easy” ride. About an hour later, when I looked up again, the shore didn’t seem to be any closer than the last time I looked up. Slightly discouraged, we kept going. My arms were getting tired and I didn’t remember the swim to be this challenging back in April. Was it the lack of wetsuit, was it the burning sun on my back or was it the lack of extreme cold water to fire up all body systems to just go? I still don’t know but I do know that I was happy when we reached the shore on the Bolsena side after four hours and 42 minutes!

We returned to our favourite local restaurant Trattoria Da Giggetto where we enjoyed heaps of local delicatessen. We ate silently, both in pain but happy as one could be.