Bone marrow is the elastic tissue on the inside of bones. Red blood cells, delivering oxygen to the body’s tissues, and white blood cells, supporting the immune system, are produced in bone marrow.


Animal bone marrow has been eaten by humans for decades, more so in some cultures than others. Traditionally, countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and India, all use bone marrow in some of their most conventional dishes while using bone marrow for consumption is becoming more popular in the west with gourmet restaurants now serving bone marrow as a delicacy.

Bone marrow is said to be very nutrient dense and contains the following nutrients, amongst others:

  • All the amino acids; making it a complete source of protein which help build muscle, control mood, concentration and sleep
  • Iron; impacting the amount of oxygen that travels through your body. Ladies, take note – bone marrow is a great food to eat during your menstrual cycle as your body is losing iron during this period that needs to be replaced
  • Calcium; strengthening your own bones
  • Fat; good source of non saturated animal fat

Last but not least, bone marrow is incredibly tasty and has a nice creamy texture.


As eating bone marrow has only recently be gaining popularity, not all butchers have bones out on display, therefore, phone up your local butcher and ask them to reserve some nice bones for you. Ideally you go for grass-fed or organic bones.

The simplest way to prepare bone marrow is in the oven:

  • Cut the bones and place them in an oven dish
  • Roast them for about 15 minutes on 200C, or until the marrow starts to slightly bubble
  • Scoop out the marrow with a spoon and eat this any way you like; on toast with some salt and lemon, on top of your steak with some garlic or mixing it in with your favourite salad dressing

In summary; bone marrow is an awesome nutrients dense food and is gaining popularity for the right reasons, get involved!